Good ground for great wines

Born of fire some 280 million years ago, the Bolzano quartz porphyry was subjected to movements in the Earth’s crust and intermixed in the course of time with the dolomite and limestone of the overlying Mendola formation. Erosion created a talus cone of calcareous clay interspersed with granular white dolomite. Its loose texture, with a good water balance and aeration and deep rooting soil, produces sites with outstanding potential.

Soil type

Medium-heavy to light soils with good aeration and water retention


Reddish, skeletal calcareous clay interspersed with granular white dolomite

Skeletal content

60-70% in the vicinity of the stream

pH value

7.0 (neutral)

Humus content



Sustainable management through greening and gentle cultivation of the soil. Natural management of diseases and pests. 100% manual harvesting.