With the Adige Valley wide open to the southeast, the Andriano vineyards at 260 to 340 meters above sea level benefit from a combination of early sunrise and early sunset. In the late afternoon, the sun disappears behind the Gantkofel, which becomes an ideal source of shade on hot days. The result is a very special microclimate that makes the Andriano vineyards with their stony limestone soils unique and calls for a carefully matched selection of late-ripening grape varieties. In addition, all Andriano winegrowers have a strong commitment to quality, which is reflected in a natural style of vineyard management. Under such conditions, wines with depth and tension grow naturally. Every grape is still carefully harvested by hand. The yields are low, the fruit multilayered and intense. The acidity is slightly higher than on the other side of the valley, which adds freshness. This makes the wines fundamentally different, despite the fact that they are the work of the same winemaking team as the world-famous wines from Cantina Terlano.



Ø 550-650 mm p.a.

Mean temperature

12.2° C

Maximum temperature

40.7° C (August 2003)

Minimum temperature

-13° C (rare) to -5° C (normal winter)


Very sheltered location, light north foehn in spring and summer