The secret behind an exceptional wine is more than just diligence and care in the vineyard and cellar. Devotion, curiosity, and a strong feeling for the soil, the vines and the grapes are equally important, as is the highest regard for the gifts of nature. This passion is something we express in every vintage of the Andriano wines.

The grape harvest is the culmination of the work in the vineyard. To this day, the grapes are harvested 100 per cent by hand, because only a human being can recognize which grapes have soaked up the Andriano sunshine and which are ideal for which wine. All the grapes are picked with the greatest care at optimum maturity. That is the basis for very special wines.

Vinification for the various wines accordingly begins when the relevant grape varieties have reached full maturity on the individual sites. Under one roof but quite separate – that is the basic principle behind the work in the cellars at Cantina Terlano: Vinification is performed in line with distinct philosophies, but always with an eye to bringing the terroir to the bottle. The white and red Selection wines are matured in wood, in small casks and larger barrels, which suits the Andriano terroir particularly well.

For the red wines in the Classic line, we find aging in large wooden barrels ideal, whereas the white wines in the Classic line are vinified in stainless steel.