James Suckling 2020

Anrar Pinot Noir Riserva 2017   -   94

Tor di Lupo Lagrein Riserva 2017       -         93

Andrius Sauvignon Blanc 2018   -    93

Doran Chardonnay 2017     -         93

Pinot Grigio 2019   -         92

Somereto Chardonnay 2019  -      92

Finado Pinot Bianco 2019      -      92

Gant Merlot Riserva 2017       -      92

Floreado Sauvignon Blanc 2019  -   91

Gewürztraminer 2019  -    90

Falstaff 2018/2019

Gant Merlot Riserva 2015            93

Andrius Sauvignon Blanc 2016   92

Juvelo Gewürztraminer Passito 2016     92

Movado Gewürztraminer 2016          92

Anrar Blauburgunder Riserva 2015          92

 Tor di Lupo Lagrein Riserva 2015             91

Gambero Rosso - Vini d'Italia 2019

Gewürztraminer Passito Juvelo 2016 -  2 glasses

Anrar Pinot Noir Riserva 2015  -  2 glasses

Pinot Grigio 2017 - 2 glasses

Robert Parker's Wine Advocate - 2018

Gewürztraminer Passito Juvelo 2016 - 94

Packaged in a 375-milliliter bottle, the 2016 Alto Adige Gewürztraminer Passito Juvelo is a powerful dessert wine, but it also shows a delicate side that comes through loud and clear. The bouquet exhibits luscious honey, candied almond, dried apricot and fragrant jasmine. The mouthfeel is rich, smooth and super silky. This dessert wine is fermented and aged (for 11 months) in barrique. Only 1,900 bottles will be released.

Andrius Sauvignon Blanc 2016 - 93+

The 2016 Alto Adige Sauvignon Blanc Andrius is a spectacular wine that takes that characteristic intensity of the grape and pushes the boundaries even further. The bouquet is layered and rich with tropical and passion fruits, all followed by tangy citrus and lemon mousse. As the wine warms in the glass, it shows round notes of sweet honey, saffron and toasted almond. Some 6,000 bottles of Andrius were made in this vintage. The wine is fermented in temperature-controlled stainless steel, and it ages on the fine lees for five months.

Gant Merlot Riserva 2015 - 93

The 2015 Alto Adige Merlot Riserva Gant is a wine of enormous beauty and depth. It opens to dark, succulent and enriched layers of dark cherry, blackcurrant, spice, savory tobacco and leather. The wine rises from the glass with beautiful intensity and proud, immediate aromas that wrap thickly over the senses. The wine's characteristic softness —that pure essence of Merlot, for lack of a better term—is stunning and delicious. This wine should hold steady over the next 10 years. Only 9,000 bottles were produced.

Tor di Lupo Lagrein Riserva 2015 - 92

My favorite Lagrein pairings include my family's roast whole chicken recipe with potatoes and onions. This native grape from Northern Italy is especially well matched to the bold, simple and genuine flavors of home cooking. Cantina Andriano has created an excellent expression in this warm vintage. The 2015 Alto Adige Lagrein Riserva Tor di Lupo is one of the best Lagrein-based wines on the market today. Dark cherry and black fruit rise with seamless and broad-reaching intensity. The tannins are soft and sweet. The wine fans far and wide over the palate. Some 18,000 bottles were made.

Anrar Pinot Noir Riserva 2015 - 91+

The 2015 Alto Adige Pinot Noir Riserva Anrar shows density and power with a ripe and concentrated quality of fruit. The wine opens to dark color saturation and bold layers of blackcurrant, dried cherry and rose petal. The wine wraps thickly over the palate with broader and thicker textural richness than you usually get from a cool climate, mountain Pinot Nero. The finish shows points of surprising softness and succulence that you only get with this grape in the warmer vintages such as 2015. Bottle production is limited to just 4,000 units.


Tor di Lupo Lagrein Riserva 2015

Quattro viti

Vini Buoni D'Italia 2019

Tor di Lupo Lagrein Riserva 2015 - 4 stars

Juvelo Gewürztraminer Passito 2016 - 3 stars

Rubeno Lagrein 2107 - 3 stars

Bocado Schiava 2107 - 3 stars

The Wine Hunter Award 2018

Doran Chardonnay 2016     -   GOLD


Andrius Sauvignon Blanc  2017     -   ROSSO 

Gant Merlot Riserva 2015     -   ROSSO 

Anrar Pinot Noir Riserva 2015     -   ROSSO 

Tor di Lupo Lagrein Riserva 2015     -   ROSSO