Continuity in change

Change is the key to constancy. At Andriano we do not permit ourselves to drift with the passage of time; we have always made of point of taking our fate in our own hands. In 1893, the vintners of Andriano took a first decisive step and combined their resources to form the first winemaking co-operative in Alto Adige and at the same time the first in the former Austro-Hungarian Empire. 115 years later, in 2008, they took another forward-looking decision: an alliance with the renowned Cantina Terlano on the other side of the valley and the River Adige.

Today the strengths of the two wine estates are combined and yet clearly distinct from each other. With its outstanding sites, Cantina Andriano stands for constancy, underpinned by the historic achievement of the Andriano winegrowers for wines like Lagrein, which was one of the first to be aged in barriques here.

On the basis of a consistent commitment to quality and a strong focus on terroir, which had already been a successful recipe in Terlano, Cantina Andriano continues to develop step by step. The winery now looks to the future from a position of strength and can be proud of its identity and standard of quality. They have their roots in unique limestone-rich soils, a climate that is quite different from that of Terlano, and grape varieties ideally suited to these parameters.

That forms the foundation for the distinctive Andriano taste and identity.